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Wash & Fold Services

Never do laundry again! You can drop off laundry at Pearl Laundromat for a professional Wash, Dry and Fold SERVICE. Wash and fold (also known as fluff and fold) is perfect for people that are too busy to do their own laundry. 

Our service includes: 

  • Lights and darks separately washed with cold water with all-natural unscented detergent and Downy softener
  • Clothes dried in medium heat 
  • Everything folded and carefully packaged

Convenient prices range on when you need it ready. At our wash and fold near Oceanside you can choose from our quick 24 hour rush service or our more affordable 2nd day pick up for only $1.49/lb. There is a 20 pound minimum on all orders. We will wash and dry your laundry for you, using only the highest quality products.

Wash & Fold
(48 Hours)
Per Pound

**20 lbs Minimum Order

Wash &
Fold (24 Hr. Rush
Per Pound

**20 lbs Minimum Order

Popular Add-Ons

  • WHITE LOAD $3.75

Separately wash your whites in hot water and the whitener of your choice.


Includes scent boost beads, extra Downy and dryer sheets


Unscented for sensitive skin - let us know at drop off. Option includes UNSCENTED DETERGENT ONLY and no additives. NO SOFTENER OR DRYER SHEETS.

Individually Priced Items

  • Comforters $9.00 + Weight
  • Blankets $7.00 + Weight
  • Carpets / Rugs +$1.00/lb. Additional
  • Shoes $1.00 + Weight
  • Pet Beds $9.00 + Weight
  • Pillows $3.75 + Weight

We will match up your socks. We split your clothes into lights and darks but there is an additional charge for separating the whites out (see above).

If you don't have the time or the inclination to do your own laundry then utilize our fluff and fold laundry near Oceanside and make your life easier.